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Picspiration: Unseen Scars

25 Apr

LostImmortal makes really great Edward/Jasper manipulated images.  I saw this one and it made me think of my Unseen Scars boys.  Edward is so determined to get Jasper back, and Jasper is so conflicted about what he should do.


Teaser: Unseen Scars

20 Apr

Here is a teaser for Unseen Scars which also, conveniently, fits the writing prompt at Novel Novice for April-May about dialogue.

This is unbeta’ed and written for a future chapter, so it may change somewhat in the final version.  I tried to focus on making the dialogue sound realistic, give hints to past events, and convey Edward and Jasper’s emotional states without the use of dialogue tags and adverbs.  Critiques?

“That’s just like you, Edward. Waltz into my life, mess it up, and waltz right back out.”

“I’m not leaving for forever. I can’t; I’m too miserable without you.”

“Oh, you’re miserable?  Well, that changes everything – poor Edward Cullen is miserable!”

“Jazz –“

“No, you don’t get to call me that anymore.”  Jasper’s face, tight with anger, relaxed slightly and his shoulders slumped.  “Why’d you have to come back here and fuck things up?  I’m finally at a good place in my life.”

“Bullshit.  You’re not happy.  You can’t honestly tell me you’re happy here with Peter.”

“Yes.  I am.”

“You’re not.”

“And you know me so well, don’t you?  You know everything about my life.  Let me clue you in; you don’t know anything about what I’ve been through.”

“Then tell me!”

“You don’t deserve to know me that way.”

“And Peter does?”

“Peter saved my life.”

“You don’t love him.”

“Yes.  I do.”

“Maybe you’re fooling yourself, maybe you’re fooling him, but you’re not fooling me.  I can see it in your eyes, in every move you make.”

“I’m not the same person I was six years ago.  You don’t know me.”

“I know you in a way no one else does.”

“In a previous life.  It’s over now.  Go – leave again and don’t come back.”

“I do need to go.  But I will be back, and I’ll keep coming back until I know you are truly happy.”

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