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Another Plot Bunny?

20 Jun

Plot bunnies come along all the time.  After all, there’s a reason they aren’t called plot elephants.  Usually I can shrug them off with a “yeah, that’d be a cool story” and go along on my way.  (If they weren’t for fan fiction stories, I’d write them down to save for later, but alas…)

Every now and then one of those bunnies not only shows up at my doorstep, he just walks right in and makes himself at home.  Then he’ll perch on my shoulder and whisper sweet nothings into my ear while I’m driving or washing dishes.  And he just won’t leave me alone until I find a pen and paper.

Sometimes I’m lucky and I can get someone else to write my bunny for me, such as Become Revered, You Will by pange but that’s not usually the case.

Today, I got hit with a bunny that not only wouldn’t leave me alone but is so far out of my norm I don’t know what got into me.  It’s alternate-universe, not slash, and …

… dramatic pause …


I’ve never ever written Bella/Jake.  I don’t read Bella/Jake unless the Jake part is very temporary until Edward shows up.  I don’t ship Bella/Jake at all.  In fact, many times Bella and Jake aren’t even in my stories.

Since the bunny kept nagging me, I jotted down the main pivotal scenes as  described in Story Engineering by Larry Brooks (review coming once I finish the book).  Marked down a few more notes and now I have a skeleton of a plot.  Even a working title.


I have three other multi-chapter stories I want to finish plotting out and writing.  Not to mention that original novel I’m going to write “over the next five years.”   Perhaps I should be like my friend LyricalKris and juggle a few stories at a time instead of trying to focus on one at a time.  (Haven’t read her stuff yet? What are you waiting for?)

Of course, with summer coming, I’m not sure how much writing time I’ll have.  Our calendar is already looking scary and we haven’t even scheduled any playdates yet.  But on the plus side, we can sleep in so my 2AM writing sessions may become more and more frequent.


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