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Who Do You Write Like?

10 May

A friend of mine shared this website: I Write Like.  I had a bit of fun pasting in writing from different stories.

The first time, I submitted this sample from Missing Him:

The sick feeling in Edward’s stomach spread to the rest of his body as he watched Jasper wrap his arms around the other man’s waist. 

 Jasper had moved on.

The briefest flicker of softness crossing Jasper’s face was the only thing that kept Edward from throwing up all over the shoes of Jasper’s…boyfriend.  He was desperate for any hope, any chance he might have Jasper back, no matter how minute.

The silence stretched between them.  Jasper simply looked at Edward.  Edward studied Jasper’s eyes, looking for any sign of forgiveness.  Mr. Bodyguard glanced at Jasper, but before he could say anything, Jasper finally spoke.

“What are you doing here?” was all he said.  His voice was flat. No emotion.

“I had to find you.  Can we go somewhere?  To talk?”

He sighed.  “There’s nothing to talk about, Edward.”

and the result was Stephenie Meyer.  I have to wonder how much of that is because of the character names of Edward and Jasper.

Next, I submitted a sample from this blog posting and got Cory Doctorow.

I tried a sample of fan fiction again. This time, from my first fan fiction story where I was writing in canon:

The rainbows that refracted off the hard surface of my skin lit up the clear skin of her cheeks, stirring my emotions in ways I never imagined.  Her eyes widened ever so slightly and her lips parted as her jaw slowly dropped a fraction of an inch.  But there didn’t seem to be any fear or horror in her expression.  It was…wonder?  Fascination?

My spirits soared to new heights with the very thought that she might still want me, even seeing me for what I am, so much so that it was nearly impossible for me to continue to control my slower-than-human pace.  The overwhelming desire to be at her side and stroke her cheek, touch her hair –  No.  Just sitting next to her, to have her not run in fear from me, would be enough.  It must be enough.

I wasn’t surprised to get Stephenie Meyer again.  In fact, I was happy, because I was trying to write to her style. (I never published the story online.)

Next, I tried a sample from a work-in-progress (unedited).  The only character name mentioned is Peter, so it’s not obviously Twilight fan fiction at first glance.  (note: some mature content)

The taller man turned away and ordered a drink from the bartender, completely ignoring his companion.  He glanced at Peter and rolled his eyes, tilting his head towards the boy.  He tossed back his drink.

The boy didn’t seem to notice, or care, that he was being ignored.  “I mean, can you imagine the –”

“Look,” the other man said, finally looking at him, “the only research you’ll be doing tonight is finding out how much of my dick fits down your throat, got it?”

The boy shut his mouth and nodded meekly.  Peter thought he saw him shudder slightly, but the lighting wasn’t good so he couldn’t be sure.

“C’mon.  Let’s dance.”

The boy let himself be pulled to the dance floor, following like a puppy dog.  Peter wondered if he should have stepped in, done something.  He watched the couple weave their way to an opening.  They began moving to the beat of the music.  The older one had his hands all over the boy who seemed to be enjoying himself.

Peter turned back to the bar and signaled the bartender.  None of my business, he told himself.  He ordered a tall draft, something to drink slowly and savor as he contemplated the path his life had taken.

This time, the website said I write like Dan Brown.  I’ve never actually read any of his work, but at least I’ve heard of him.

Finally I picked a different section of the same work-in-progress story.  I’m not going to post the sample as it definitely falls under the “mature content” heading, is unedited, and I just don’t think it’s very good.  The result this time was P. G. Wodehouse.

So, four different writers (though I’m not surprised to get a different writer for a blog post vs. creative writing), including two different writers for the same story.  It’s a fun toy to play with, but I wonder if the results really mean anything at all.

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