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Fave Fics Friday: Beyond the Gaze of a Boy by Whitlock-Masen

24 Jul

Summer is catching up on me!  I skipped Fave Fics Friday two Fridays ago because I was on vacation.  Then last week was all about catching up after vacation AND getting ready for my son’s birthday party on Saturday.  Now that THAT’S all done, I can post last week’s Fave Fics Friday…on Monday. *headdesk*

Anyway…today I’m returning to the author team Whitlock-Masen.  I mentioned their drabble fic Eye Candy previously as my favorite currently-updating fic.  Before Eye Candy, there was Beyond the Gaze of a Boy.  It was the first drabble fic I read, and it updated every day for a month.

During that month, Beyond the Gaze of a Boy was my favorite currently-updating fic.  It’s everything that I love: high school Edward and Jasper, shy Edward with a crush on Jasper, and all sorts of sweetness.  At 30 chapters of 100-word drabbles, it’s a quick read but worth it for the squee-factor.  *happy sigh*


Fave Fics Friday: Eye Candy by Whitlock-Masen

22 Apr

For this week’s Fave Fics Friday, I’m going with the story that’s currently rocking my world:  Eye Candy by Whitlock-Masen.  Whitlock-Masen is actually a team of two writers, Naelany and SorceressCirce.  This story is written in daily 100-word drabbles and it’s going for the whole year.  Three hundred sixty-five yummy chapters of candy-making Jasper and his new boyfriend, Edward.  A story written in drabbles is a little different than a standard chapter-story; there’s more left to the imagination.  Still, it’s amazing how much these authors can say in just a few words.  It might sound easy to write drabbles, but it really isn’t!

Eye Candy updates every day, and I’ll be honest:  around 10:30 each morning I start stalking my inbox looking for the update.  If it’s delayed or I don’t get a chance to read it right away, my whole morning feels off.  😉

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