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Fave Fics Friday: You’ve Kept Me Waiting by Mandi1

6 May

I’m going canon with this week’s Fave Fics Friday!

When I read the Twilight saga the first time, I fell in love with Edward.  The other characters were okay, but Edward was by far my favorite.  The rest (including Bella) were just supporting actors.  Even once I started shipping Edward and Jasper, Jasper was merely a hot blond guy to pair up with Edward.

You’ve Kept Me Waiting by Mandi1 changed that.  Her story is written from Alice’s point of view, and covers the time from when she met Jasper to when they found the Cullens.  After reading this story, I fell in love with Jasper.  Canon Jasper, no less — who until this point had just been the scary Cullen brother with poor control. An outsider.  Because there’s so little of Jasper in the original books, his character is open to interpretation.  His history is fascinating and full of holes.  In other words, lots of room for potential while still keeping it “canon.”

Since reading You’ve Kept Me Waiting, I’ve loved Jasper as much as Edward (maybe even more so?), though I love each in different ways and for different reasons.  Jasper is no longer just a hot body next to Edward.  I find myself writing from his point of view more often now and considering which aspects of his personality and past can be brought into an all-human story.

Thank you, Mandi1, for opening my eyes to the potential of Jasper.

(Note: I think there are some parts of You’ve Kept Me Waiting that no longer fit into canon based on new information we know about Jasper and his past, but at the time it was written, it fit.)

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