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Fave Fics Friday: My Life Extended by LyricalKris

8 Jul

Edward/Jasper and Edward/Bella are the main pairings I read.  Throw an occasional Bella or Peter into my Edward/Jasper mix for good measure, but that’s generally the extent of my non-canon pairings.

Then I read My Life Extended  by LyricalKris.  I have never, ever wanted Bella and Jasper to get together so badly before.

Let me say right off the bat that both Edward and Alice are in happy relationships with other characters, so no worries there.  That’s always a concern for me when I read non-canon pairings.

One of the things I love about LyricalKris’ stories is how she incorporates bits of canon.  One of the things I love about My Life Extended specifically?  Jasper.  As a cop.  In uniform.   Do I need to say more?

I still firmly believe that Bella needs to be with Edward (or happily single) and that Jasper needs to be with either Edward or Alice, but I’ll ship this Jasper and this Bella.


Another Plot Bunny?

20 Jun

Plot bunnies come along all the time.  After all, there’s a reason they aren’t called plot elephants.  Usually I can shrug them off with a “yeah, that’d be a cool story” and go along on my way.  (If they weren’t for fan fiction stories, I’d write them down to save for later, but alas…)

Every now and then one of those bunnies not only shows up at my doorstep, he just walks right in and makes himself at home.  Then he’ll perch on my shoulder and whisper sweet nothings into my ear while I’m driving or washing dishes.  And he just won’t leave me alone until I find a pen and paper.

Sometimes I’m lucky and I can get someone else to write my bunny for me, such as Become Revered, You Will by pange but that’s not usually the case.

Today, I got hit with a bunny that not only wouldn’t leave me alone but is so far out of my norm I don’t know what got into me.  It’s alternate-universe, not slash, and …

… dramatic pause …


I’ve never ever written Bella/Jake.  I don’t read Bella/Jake unless the Jake part is very temporary until Edward shows up.  I don’t ship Bella/Jake at all.  In fact, many times Bella and Jake aren’t even in my stories.

Since the bunny kept nagging me, I jotted down the main pivotal scenes as  described in Story Engineering by Larry Brooks (review coming once I finish the book).  Marked down a few more notes and now I have a skeleton of a plot.  Even a working title.


I have three other multi-chapter stories I want to finish plotting out and writing.  Not to mention that original novel I’m going to write “over the next five years.”   Perhaps I should be like my friend LyricalKris and juggle a few stories at a time instead of trying to focus on one at a time.  (Haven’t read her stuff yet? What are you waiting for?)

Of course, with summer coming, I’m not sure how much writing time I’ll have.  Our calendar is already looking scary and we haven’t even scheduled any playdates yet.  But on the plus side, we can sleep in so my 2AM writing sessions may become more and more frequent.


Fave Fic Friday: Bonne Foi by Amethyst Jackson

11 Jun

I’m back with another favorite story by Amethyst Jackson. I’ve written before about her story Only Human, which was the first Twific I ever read.  This time I’m writing about Bonne Foi, which is another Alternate Universe story.

In Bonne Foi, Edward wasn’t changed by Carlisle, and he isn’t a “vegetarian vampire” when he meets Bella.  Bella’s in college instead of high school and a little tougher and more assertive than canon Bella.  Despite these changes, Amethyst Jackson weaves in pieces of canon.  I love AU stories that incorporate canon events in new ways.  Edward and Bella do have sex — and lots of it — but there is plenty of plot to balance it out.  And the Cullens do come into the story even though Edward is not living with them.

Bonne Foi is exclusively Edward’s point-of-view, but Amethyst Jackson has also written some of Bella’s here: Existence and Essence.

At the time of this writing, Bonne Foi is thirty-four chapters in and not completed.  Updates are not on a regular schedule, but it’s worth the wait.

Fave Fics Friday: Just One of the Guys by SorceressCirce

27 May

Generally, if I’m going read Edward/Bella, one of them must be a vampire.   Every now and then there’s an exception, and I’ll read an AH Edward/Bella.  Just One of the Guys by SorceressCirce is one of those exceptions.

Bella and her best friend Jasper are gaming geeks.  Jasper meets Alice and Alice introduces her brother Edward to Bella.  Both Edward and Bella claim they “don’t date.”

Bella has some violence in her past, which SorceressCirce has handled beautifully by providing an “alternate” chapter to read if you’re a wuss like me.  You still get the gist of Bella’s past without so much of the gory details.  (caveat: I haven’t read the “official” chapter, so I don’t know how many gory details there actually are.)

There are many sweet moments between Edward and Bella in this fic that made me squee and swoon.  Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from Edward/Jasper fics.  😉

Outtakes and alternative POVs are posted here: More of the Guys.

Fave Fic Fridays: Just The Three Of Us by kuntrygal

29 Apr

For my first Fave Fic Friday, I talked about the first fic I read, Only Human by Amythest Jackson.  Last week, it was my current favorite, Eye Candy by Whitlock-Masen.    This week, I’m turning the clock back to my Edward/Jasper beginnings.

Just The Three Of Us
 by kuntrygal was the first Edward/Jasper story I read.  Okay, it’s an Edward/Jasper/Bella threesome fic, but it was the Edward/Jasper part of her summary that intrigued me:

“Jasper and I are kind of together. We don’t show it outside of the privacy of our home.”  I was almost pleading with her to understand.  “Bella love, please.” I said holding a hand out to her. “We do want you…we both want you.”

This story will always have a soft spot in my heart for introducing me to the hotness that is Edward/Jasper.  Cheers, kuntrygal.  Who would have guessed your story would start such an obsession?  😉

Fave Fics Friday: Only Human by Amethyst Jackson

15 Apr

Only Human by Amethyst Jackson was the first Twilight fan fiction story I read.  I was hooked immediately!  I love the twist of Bella meeting Edward as a human, and I also really love the way she writes Edward.

Only Human disregards Breaking Dawn (it may have been written before Breaking Dawn was released, I don’t know the dates).  On Bella’s 19th birthday, she makes a wish that sends her back to 1918.  So canon Bella, with all of her memories through Eclipse, meets canon Edward before he’s a vampire.  Very interesting premise which raises some big questions: Will Bella love Edward as a human?  Will Edward as a human in 1918 love Bella?  Will Bella change Edward’s vampire fate? Will Bella be able to return to 2006?  Will she want to?

As with any time-travel story, you have to suspend some disbelief, but we’re already talking about vampires, so that’s not a big deal.  If you haven’t read Only Human yet, what are you waiting for?

I’ve read several of Amethyst Jackson’s stories now and have really enjoyed all of them.  She’s one of the few authors I’ll read for  Edward/Bella .  😉

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