Fave Fics Friday: My Life Extended by LyricalKris

8 Jul

Edward/Jasper and Edward/Bella are the main pairings I read.  Throw an occasional Bella or Peter into my Edward/Jasper mix for good measure, but that’s generally the extent of my non-canon pairings.

Then I read My Life Extended  by LyricalKris.  I have never, ever wanted Bella and Jasper to get together so badly before.

Let me say right off the bat that both Edward and Alice are in happy relationships with other characters, so no worries there.  That’s always a concern for me when I read non-canon pairings.

One of the things I love about LyricalKris’ stories is how she incorporates bits of canon.  One of the things I love about My Life Extended specifically?  Jasper.  As a cop.  In uniform.   Do I need to say more?

I still firmly believe that Bella needs to be with Edward (or happily single) and that Jasper needs to be with either Edward or Alice, but I’ll ship this Jasper and this Bella.


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