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Fave Fic Fridays: How to Turn a Straight Guy Gay by Lou-La

29 Jul

I didn’t read How to Turn a Straight Guy Gay the first time I came across it because the title turned me off, but when a friend recommended it, I decided to give it a try and read the first chapter.

I’m so glad I took the chance.

Jasper’s voice is entertaining, and flamboyant Emmett who has the hots for Jasper is a nice change of pace.  Hot but socially-awkward Edward is always fun to read. The UST in this story is fantastic, and there’s a nice helping of hot boy lovin’ as well.

Another bonus is that the story is complete. No waiting for the next update. 🙂


Fave Fics Friday: Beyond the Gaze of a Boy by Whitlock-Masen

24 Jul

Summer is catching up on me!  I skipped Fave Fics Friday two Fridays ago because I was on vacation.  Then last week was all about catching up after vacation AND getting ready for my son’s birthday party on Saturday.  Now that THAT’S all done, I can post last week’s Fave Fics Friday…on Monday. *headdesk*

Anyway…today I’m returning to the author team Whitlock-Masen.  I mentioned their drabble fic Eye Candy previously as my favorite currently-updating fic.  Before Eye Candy, there was Beyond the Gaze of a Boy.  It was the first drabble fic I read, and it updated every day for a month.

During that month, Beyond the Gaze of a Boy was my favorite currently-updating fic.  It’s everything that I love: high school Edward and Jasper, shy Edward with a crush on Jasper, and all sorts of sweetness.  At 30 chapters of 100-word drabbles, it’s a quick read but worth it for the squee-factor.  *happy sigh*

Fave Fics Friday: My Life Extended by LyricalKris

8 Jul

Edward/Jasper and Edward/Bella are the main pairings I read.  Throw an occasional Bella or Peter into my Edward/Jasper mix for good measure, but that’s generally the extent of my non-canon pairings.

Then I read My Life Extended  by LyricalKris.  I have never, ever wanted Bella and Jasper to get together so badly before.

Let me say right off the bat that both Edward and Alice are in happy relationships with other characters, so no worries there.  That’s always a concern for me when I read non-canon pairings.

One of the things I love about LyricalKris’ stories is how she incorporates bits of canon.  One of the things I love about My Life Extended specifically?  Jasper.  As a cop.  In uniform.   Do I need to say more?

I still firmly believe that Bella needs to be with Edward (or happily single) and that Jasper needs to be with either Edward or Alice, but I’ll ship this Jasper and this Bella.

Fave Fics Friday: Your Biggest Fan by OfTheDamned

1 Jul

Raw and Rosy may be my favorite smutfic, but Your Biggest Fan is my favorite Edward/Jasper story. Ever. Of all time. Period.

It’s sweet high school boys Edward and Jasper, which I love, and also friends-turned-lovers Edward and Jasper, which is a common theme but it doesn’t feel overdone in Your Biggest Fan.

Edward is socially awkward, shy, and trying to hold what remains of his family — his sister Alice — together.  Their mother is dead and their father neglects them, so Edward has been taken in by Jasper’s family and Alice by Bella’s family.

Edward and Jasper are runners on the track team — a nice change from the typical musician/artist Edward and Jasper.  Also a nice change of pace — it’s Edward Masen and Jasper Cullen.

There are some memorable scenes: Jasper massaging Edward’s injured leg, their first kiss, Edward trying to hide his morning wood, Edward trying to communicate his feelings through the “perfect” Christmas gift.  There is some smut, but it’s done realistically for two inexperienced boys.

The story isn’t complete (I believe it’s very close…) and it’s been left off in the angsty part, but I’m holding out for the resolution for these boys.

I saw this picture on tumblr and it reminded me very much of Edward and Jasper’s first kiss in Your Biggest Fan.  It makes me smile every time I see it.  (If it’s not animated for you, click on it.)

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