Fave Fic Fridays: Deep Dish by starfish422

24 Jun

A few weeks ago, I wrote about starfish422’s Over the Top, one of the first Edward/Jasper stories I read.  Today, it’s all about her spin-off story, Deep Dish .

The main character of Deep Dish is Jack Charles, who was an original, minor character in Over the Top.  There’s an outtake of Jack in Over the Top, where he meets Jacey during a visit to Texas, just before he decides to move to Chicago for a fresh start.  I’ll be honest, it took me a long time to decide to read this story even though I loved Over the Top.  Jacey is such a sweet boy and I really wanted him and Jack to stay together, but with Jack moving to Chicago, I assumed Deep Dish would be about Jack meeting someone there.

I’m happy to report that Deep Dish is, in fact, a Jack/Jacey story.  I love these boys nearly as much as Edward and Jasper and found myself rooting for them the entire time.  Edward and Jasper are minor characters in this story, making very small appearances.  Mike Newton, of all people, shows up as a fairly main character, but he’s not really the Mike Newton we know and love.  Not really a surprise for AH stories.

I rarely read slash stories that aren’t Edward/Jasper, let alone original characters.  But I’m glad I read Deep Dish.  It’s one I will re-read.


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