Fave Fics Friday: Just One of the Guys by SorceressCirce

27 May

Generally, if I’m going read Edward/Bella, one of them must be a vampire.   Every now and then there’s an exception, and I’ll read an AH Edward/Bella.  Just One of the Guys by SorceressCirce is one of those exceptions.

Bella and her best friend Jasper are gaming geeks.  Jasper meets Alice and Alice introduces her brother Edward to Bella.  Both Edward and Bella claim they “don’t date.”

Bella has some violence in her past, which SorceressCirce has handled beautifully by providing an “alternate” chapter to read if you’re a wuss like me.  You still get the gist of Bella’s past without so much of the gory details.  (caveat: I haven’t read the “official” chapter, so I don’t know how many gory details there actually are.)

There are many sweet moments between Edward and Bella in this fic that made me squee and swoon.  Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from Edward/Jasper fics.  😉

Outtakes and alternative POVs are posted here: More of the Guys.


2 Responses to “Fave Fics Friday: Just One of the Guys by SorceressCirce”

  1. naelany May 27, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    Yay! So glad you love PinkieWard! (one of THE best Edward’s out there, in my opinion. Then again, I might be biased)

    You should read the chapter. It’s been a while for me since I read it, but I found it harder to read EPOV than BPOV.

    • addicted2edward May 28, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

      *swoon* Loved that scene…so sweet…

      Maybe I’ll go back and check out that chapter. I am a wuss…

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