Fave Fic Fridays: Just The Three Of Us by kuntrygal

29 Apr

For my first Fave Fic Friday, I talked about the first fic I read, Only Human by Amythest Jackson.  Last week, it was my current favorite, Eye Candy by Whitlock-Masen.    This week, I’m turning the clock back to my Edward/Jasper beginnings.

Just The Three Of Us
 by kuntrygal was the first Edward/Jasper story I read.  Okay, it’s an Edward/Jasper/Bella threesome fic, but it was the Edward/Jasper part of her summary that intrigued me:

“Jasper and I are kind of together. We don’t show it outside of the privacy of our home.”  I was almost pleading with her to understand.  “Bella love, please.” I said holding a hand out to her. “We do want you…we both want you.”

This story will always have a soft spot in my heart for introducing me to the hotness that is Edward/Jasper.  Cheers, kuntrygal.  Who would have guessed your story would start such an obsession?  😉

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