Welcome to My World!

15 Apr

I set a goal for myself that by March 2016, I want to be in the process of landing a publisher for my novel.  (Or better yet, a published author.)

Right now, I only write Twilight fan fiction.  I haven’t attempted anything original yet.  I look at fan fiction as practice for “real writing” not because writing fan fiction isn’t real writing, but because it sure is a whole lot easier to start a story when you’ve already got the basis for your characters — names, descriptions, personalities, histories, etc.  When I go back and re-read the stories I wrote two years ago, I can see definite improvement in my writing.  That right there makes writing fan fiction worthy in my mind.

Writing has become a huge part of my life, something I never would have imagined happening five years ago.  This blog will be a place for me to document that aspect of my life.  Some of the things I plan to talk about here include:

  • Teasers for my upcoming stories or chapters
  • Pictures that have inspired my stories
  • Stories I have read and loved
  • Real, actual books I have read and loved
  • The occasional rant or musing about writing

I have two children — one who is under a year old — and a husband I actually enjoy spending time with.  For these reasons plus my need for quiet, it’s usually not until 11 P.M. or later that I have a chance to write.  Thankfully I am also a night owl so some of my best ideas come at 2 A.M.  I’m not sure I could do the “wake up two hours before the rest of the household” trick successfully; the “stay up four hours after the rest of the household is asleep” tends to work better for me.

With any huge goal, it’s good to break it down into smaller goals.  So my immediate, short-term goals are to:

  • Spend at least 1 hour actively working on a story at least 5 days a week, whether it’s plotting, planning, researching, writing, editing, or some other necessary task.  Dreaming about my characters doesn’t count because that happens all on its own.  Actually recording what the dream was about and then expanding on it does.
  • Finish at least 1 multi-chapter fan fiction story.

I’ll start with that and revise as necessary.  *deep breath* It feels kind of good to get my goals written down and tangible.

Now, let’s make it happen!

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