Fave Fics Friday: Only Human by Amethyst Jackson

15 Apr

Only Human by Amethyst Jackson was the first Twilight fan fiction story I read.  I was hooked immediately!  I love the twist of Bella meeting Edward as a human, and I also really love the way she writes Edward.

Only Human disregards Breaking Dawn (it may have been written before Breaking Dawn was released, I don’t know the dates).  On Bella’s 19th birthday, she makes a wish that sends her back to 1918.  So canon Bella, with all of her memories through Eclipse, meets canon Edward before he’s a vampire.  Very interesting premise which raises some big questions: Will Bella love Edward as a human?  Will Edward as a human in 1918 love Bella?  Will Bella change Edward’s vampire fate? Will Bella be able to return to 2006?  Will she want to?

As with any time-travel story, you have to suspend some disbelief, but we’re already talking about vampires, so that’s not a big deal.  If you haven’t read Only Human yet, what are you waiting for?

I’ve read several of Amethyst Jackson’s stories now and have really enjoyed all of them.  She’s one of the few authors I’ll read for  Edward/Bella .  😉

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